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Dec 23, 2009   //   Blog, social media


No one-size fits all personality for your brand. Social media will allow you to explore how people really experience what you sell.

Social media isn’t an opportunity to reinvent a new brand, but enhances your brand’s reach. It’s all about the experience. People should get a similar experience with you online as they get offline. If you promise a great customer service experience online make sure you have the capacity to deliver this as making a promise you can’t keep is worse than never having engaged your audience.

Social media is growing globally in terms of adoption into marketing strategies and impact on informing customers to increasing sales. However we are still only beginning to commit to its value, some generalisations organisations still hold:

  • Its just another marketing strategy
  • It doesn’t fit into our organisation/who would be responsible to deliver the strategy
  • No guaranteed results

With a growing number of organisations interested in social media, a lot of the fears and preconcieved ideas are eroding. Organisations are beginning to see the huge benefits of interacting with consumers, building relationships and informing and selling.

Is your organisation using social media? If not, why not?  Social Media users what are the results?

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