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Nov 24, 2013   //   Blog, social media

Individuals are becoming increasingly connected with each other; this has been enabled mainly by the Internet, and our desire for instant gratification through consumption of information. This has resulted in attention shifting focus from traditional media such as newspapers, TV and radio to an instant medium, the Internet. With instant gratification the Internet gives, we stimulate our own individual personal interest in anything from receiving instant news updates from pre-selected sources to product reviews from other consumers to the community connection social media can give with friends or others.

Just like the High Street or your local community, your organisation can leverage the power of the Internet to engage directly with customers and prospects. No longer can you afford to leave aside the various online marketing tools that could enable your organisation to reach additional customers or more importantly retain customers.

Understanding your organisation and the various online marketing tools available is essential in today’s world, it can be vital for survival. Social media is powerful when used in the right context; a good place to start is with a defined strategy that complements your current marketing objectives. After you set a number of objectives to be achieved by your social media strategy, you can measure its Return on Investment.

An example objective could be to generate X amount of sales leads / product or service enquiries directly for the chosen social media tool, using Y amount of resources or a specific call-to-action. With measured campaigns and expected outcomes, social media and its impact can be measured like any other form of advertising. Social Media can be used as a customer service channel, directly advising on customer queries or to gauge and/or manipulate the reputation of a brand.

The power is in your hands to develop your marketing strategy to increase customer engagement via Social Media and online marketing techniques.

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